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I set out trying to figure out the relationship between all the SPURRETTs, SPURRITTs, SPORRYTTs, SPURRIERs, SPEARRITTs, SPIRRITs and all the other permutations that have resulted from centuries of illiteracy and bad spelling.

As this has consumed a far bigger part of my life than I originally intended, the time has come to share what I found out.

So the next step was to figure out how to get a web-site up and running. As you can see, I have just about worked out how to do the basics but the content is still work in progress, so bear with me.  

If you have an interest in SPURRETTs then feel free to contact me at rob@spurrett.net.  If you wish, I can send you an email notification when I make updates to this site.

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